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What sets us apart

International presence combined with on-the-ground expertise

For our сlients we utilize an international office presence allowing us to tackle complex projects and cross-border transactions. At the same time, given our knowledge of local business practices, we are able to provide our сlients with hands-on on-the-ground advise to achieve optimal results.

Interrelated product mix under one roof

We offer a comprehensive package of services in international business transactions ranging from company registration, legal structuring, financial analysis and valuation to tax and wealth planning services and advise. That way, we can act as a one-stop service provider for a сlient base.

Unconventional solutions

Clients usually come to us not for standardized text-book solutions, but for creative and tailored results. We take an unconventional approach to the capital raising, valuation, business consulting, corporate services and fiduciary management needs of our сlients.


Delphi Worldwide is a diversified consulting firm providing corporate, financial and risk advisory services internationally with a particular focus on complex transactions, time-sensitive initiatives, implementation of best practice project processes and practical advice on complicated financial issues.

Our global yet tailored approach allows us to assist clients with a broad range of services, from traditional corporate accounting and audit to corporate finance and corporate recovery services as well as fiduciary management and administration.